Community Public Safety Meeting on June 25, 2016 Featured

Help Keep Your Community Safe

Rep. Nate Gentry will host a public safety town hall and community meting on June 25th at 10 a.m. at the Del Norte High School Library, 5323 Montgomery Blvd. NE in Albuquerque. Local, state, county officials, law enforcement representatives, and neighborhood association heads will be in attendance.

Rep. Gentry will provide an update on public safety legislation passed during the 2016 legislative session. Attendees will be able to ask questions of the panel, and give feedback on still-needed public safety legislation.

As a father of 2 young girls Representative Gentry understands the importance of making sure we are safe in our communities. During the 2016 session, he led the charge to keep our children safe and keep repeat violent offenders behind bars.

Nate will discuss the following 2016 Session Legislation signed by the Governor, which related to community safety:

Jaydon's Law (sponsored by Rep. Gentry)- This law now allows judges access to defendants' violent juvenile criminal histories to make pre-trial release and sentencing decisions.

Consolidated Criminal Database (sponsored by Rep. Gentry/Sen. Ivey-Soto)- Created a criminal database clearinghouse that will provide information from all criminal databases so that law enforcement and judges have the full criminal histories of defendants.

Keeping Guns out of the Hands of Felons and Mentally Ill (sponsored by Rep. Gentry/Sen. Ivey Soto)- Will ensure that courts report information about felons and the mentally ill to the National Instant Check system to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and felons.

Constitutional Amendment to Keep Violent Repeat Offenders off the Streets (sponsored by Sen. Wirth)- This constitutional amendment will ensure that judges have the authority to keep violent repeat offenders behind bars pending trial.

Closing the Child Pornography Loophole (sponsored by Rep. Sarah Maestas Barnes)- Increased penalties for those individuals convicted of manufacturing, possessing or distributing child pornography.

Increasing DWI Penalties (sponsored by Rep. Sarah Maestas Barnes) - Increased penalties for repeat DWI offenders and those who take a life while driving drunk.

All residents of New Mexico are invited to attend and participate in this meeting.

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